Kris Moriarty

Kris Moriarty

Plant Whisperer


What is the opposite of a green thumb? Because that’s what I had!

Hello! My name is Kris Moriarty and a few years back I killed every plant I came in contact with.  Including an Aloe plant. Twice.

I was ready to throw in the fertilizer until I decided to pick up some basil and rosemary just for fun and maybe masochistic tendencies.

All of sudden, I had turned a few simple seeds into a small garden of thriving and abundant plants.  If this was the equivalent of a runner’s high, the adrenaline rush had been achieved. I was fully bitten by the gardening bug and went to town researching, developing strategy, finding nuanced ways to cultivate a space, and collecting an ample amount of gardening knowledge.

Like most, I was burnt out, but tuned in. I experimented flushed out and developed the perfect system to create an easy, seamless, and sustainable garden. It has become the most beautiful blessing.

I wake up, greet the day, and take a stroll outside with my cup of coffee to water my plants. I am continually amazed at all the new friends I meet, plants that pop up, and new snacks I get to try on a daily basis. This is literally what they mean when they say ‘fruits of your labor.’ Well the fruits are in, and I can assure you, they taste AMAZING.

What I know for sure is that anyone can be successful at gardening. You just need the right plan in place. If you are ready to grow your own lil garden, invest in healthy, nourishing organic foods, step into my online greenhouse and book your consultation today!